Harvey’s Red Gem


Gemstone red with variable pink skirt, informal decorative, bloom size BB (4-6″), plant height 4-6′ (may require staking).  Hybridized as a sport of Mingus Toni by Mark Harvey (Old House Dahlias).

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This was the variety that started it all!  She was my first love and is still one of my favorites!  This variety is extremely prolific in producing 6″ blooms that are ruby red in color, sometimes kissed with a bit of light “frosting” along the outermost petals early-on in the season. As the blooms mature, the petals become slightly wavy, almost ruffled. If there was one word to describe Red Gem, it would be robust.  She is perfect for beginners because she is a vigorous grower, blooms early, and produces quality tubers (no thin or weak necks) that store well.  Seasoned growers, especially those looking to add color to their cut-flower business, will love the oodles of gorgeous, long-stemmed blooms that will outlast all others in the vase.

Plant size is 4-6′ and staking is recommended, especially later in the season when she becomes loaded with big, beautiful blossoms.


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